More Detailed Information on Services Provided

Software selection, installation and setup

It is invaluable to speak to an expert so you have a full picture of what options are available to you, so you can make the best choice of what software solution will be best for your needs at the start.  

We can assist in exporting opening data information from an excel spreadsheet into your MYOB or Xero (eg Customers, Suppliers, Items)

We can assist in modifying the forms layout, so that the information produced by your company that get sent out externally (eg Customer invoices and statements) are in a user-friendly and easy-to-read format with your Bank Account details on them to make it easy for your Customer to pay you.

Training and support of MYOB or Xero

We can design and / or give you training that is specific to your business.  So you learn how to enter the data using the system that has already been setup for you.   As in all financial software, you may not need to know how to use all the functionality, so we will ensure you focus on only learning the functionality at the start that you really need - you will already be overwhelmed by what is available!

This may range from – reviewing your data entered each month to ensure it all looks okay, or to come in and find out why your bank account is not reconciling to your bank statement.

Quality review of Existing MYOB or Xero setup

- Did you set your Software up in a hurry? 
- Do you have concerns that you are not using your Software as efficiency as you could be?
- Do you feel that you’re not using your Software to it’s full capabilities?
- Would you just like someone else’s opinion to make sure that what you’re doing is right?
- Has it been more than 4 years ago since you have made any changes to your initial Software setup?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, chances are you’re in need of a Quality Review of your financial software system. 

This wonderful service that we provide is a chance for our Certified consultant to come in, review your system setup and make recommendations on what you could do to make your business run more efficiently.  You may be surprised at what is found and wish you had agreed to have this service performed for you a lot sooner!!

Documenting Business Process & design

This service is invaluable if you want to ensure that there is:

-         consistency in the way your business does things for all processes
-         proper segregation of duties in your business
-         Instructions in place to enable someone to take over a roll immediately if that person was to fall ill or go away on holiday.

The work involved in generating this documentation can be time-consuming, but it is worth it.  We will not only document what currently happens, but will make recommendations on alternative ways of doing things to make your business more efficient and effective.  It’s easy to get stuck in a mode of not actually knowing why something is done a certain way, except that it’s because “‘it’s always been done this way” or when the process was first defined, it was the best way of doing things, but now that your business has expanded, it is no longer the most efficient choice to use.


Creating a budget is only a small part of this service.  The most important part is monitoring actual against budget to find out why there are overs or unders.  Budgets, if checked monthly, are great tools for highlighting quickly where there might be a problem, before it gets out of hand.  We are able to provide this service to you.  It’s easy to be off-hand about certain expenditure, which is why it’s good sometimes to have an independent person come in and question why are you spending so much money in this area – is it really necessary?

Review of your Data File at Year End

To put your mind at rest, we can come in and review the data in your Financial software at year end before you make it available to your Tax Accountant to make sure all the basic work and reconciliations have been completed.

If you are using MYOB, we can also come in and make the necessary adjustments to align your MYOB data file with the accounts finalized by your Tax Accountant, do the roll-forward, ensure you have a previous year data file available for viewing and other tasks necessary to ensure there is no problem with the roll-forward.


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